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Funeral Celebrant Training

Interested in becoming a funeral celebrant? I provide funeral celebrant training in person.

I am passionate about empowering individuals who wish to become funeral celebrants. My funeral celebrant training program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to provide compassionate and personalised services for families during their time of loss.

funeral celebrant training

A Little Bit About Your Funeral Celebrant Trainer

Dedicated to bringing people together in celebrating the life of a loved one.

My name is Ashley Taylor and I am a funeral celebrant who has been involved in the funeral industry for over 12 years. 

I have many years of experience in the funeral industry as I previously was a funeral director and manager. With my knowledge and expertise, I am equipped to train individuals in becoming the best funeral celebrants that Perth has to offer. 

funeral celebrant training perth

What You'll Takeaway From This Funeral Celebrant Training Course

Learn all the skills necessary for a successful career as a Funeral Celebrant including:

Frequently Asked Questions

The funeral celebrant training costs $995 excluding GST. This involves hours of funeral celebrant training including after training care.

Yes you will receive a funeral celebrant certificate, however this certificate is non-accredited. This does not mean you can’t conduct ceremonies. You can become a funeral celebrant without accreditation. 

The Funeral Celebrants training provided in this course covers all the skills
necessary for a successful career as a Funeral Celebrant including:

  • Why do we have a funeral?
  • Why do people get cremated?
  • Why do people get buried?
  • What is a natural burial?
  • What is a memorial?
  • When a baby dies
  • When a child dies
  • When someone suicides
  • What is grief when someone dies?
  • A natural death
  • Funeral types and importance of protocol
  • Funeral homes, staffing, terminology, external service providers
  • Cemetery funeral terminology
  • What is a funeral director?
  • Meeting with the family
  • Music, photo presentation at a funeral
  • Poetry and readings
  • Creation and presentation of an individual, authentic ceremony
  • Celebrant presentation
  • Additional tips
  • Cemetery excursion
  • Delivering your mock ceremony in funeral home
  • Time management

I provide the funeral celebrant training myself, alongside with my assistant. 

To sign up, simply get in touch with me by filling out the contact form on this page, or alternatively give me a call on 0467 605 804. You can also email me directly at

Training start date is subject to availability of the funeral home. Generally training can be commenced immediately but please call ahead or email me to ensure training can be arranged.

The units covered in this funeral celebrant training course must be conducted on days subject to funeral home availability. The funeral celebrant training will be conducted over a weekend while the cemetery excursion to Pinnaroo will be conducted on a week day.

Unfortunately at the moment, I do not provide online funeral celebrant training because the aspects of this funeral celebrant training course are face to face and practical.

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